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Knowing that "I" is such an illusion.... I'll just share what I do, not who "I" am.

First of all and most importantly, I'm not here to spam people to death. Friends of mine only receive real conversation email from me; not junk, ever. If you spam me, I block you. No one likes spam, not even spiritual spam. Use your manners please?

I am an integral wellness speaker and writer. I make holistic wellness products from natural sources. I play with plants and educate people on the healing properties of herbs, plants, and natural things. I write about the things I make and find on my website at www.Wendy-Rae.com . I do a little wellness coaching, spiritual coaching.... I do a little jewelry design, painting, composing.... I do a lot of creating.... intentionally.

I do a lot of parenting.... and homeschooling... and gardening.... and... and....

I'm here to meet more of my soul family. So let's chat! Maybe I am what you are seeking, and likewise. Life is grand, life is good.... let's flow together. heart

If you know Agape International... oh let's chat! We'll be of like mind. We can talk Universal Principles and Rev MBB's interesting language that Cracks Me Up. Blissiosity.... Pissiosity..... Love HIM!

I'm excited to be spending more time here. Introduce yourself! I'd love to hear about your passions and goals in life!