Shelina S Thomas

Lives in Carlsbad, California United States Born on February 28 · Female
Shelina S Thomas
Shelina S Thomas is a inspirational author, artist, visionary, empath, healer, monitor, spiritual te...View More
Gail the Gem Maven
Hi, Shelina...Love that cosmic photo!Thank you for your gift of friendship here. S.N. is a great place to meet other spiritual folks and learn fascinating things.If you are interested in crystals and ...View More
Angel of Oneness
May your special day be filled with unconditional Love and laughter, unbridled fun and warmth, deepest joy and every happiness
Lumara Elly Groenendijk Grijseels
Welcome Shelina, love and Bless.....
Happy to connect with you on The Spiritual Networks. Peace and blessings.
Janne Henn
Hi Shelina, Great to meet you. Much thanks for your friendship.Love and light from Australia,Janne
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Shelina S Thomas
Thank you Janne.. and a wonderful light it is from Australia especially with those beautiful opals. It must be winter there now. Love, Shelina
Janne Henn
Heading into winter Shelina. Not too bad yet though. :happy:
Frédérique Anderson
Thanks Shelina for the friend request!
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