Ed Akehurst

Lives in Delta, Pennsylvania United States Born on October 6, 1965 · Male
Ed Akehurst
I am a student of traditional Advaita Vedanta under Swamini Sadhviji Chaitanya, a disciple of Pujya ...View More
Please allow me to request the honor of your feedback to help make our Holistic Health, Wellness and Outdoor Oneness Retreat and Festival a most memorable and successful one.
marri yanada
Ed hope you enjoy every moment
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marri yanada
thank you for your friendship Ed
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marri yanada
RT Hawk
Amen Mari :)
Celeste Anderson
Hello Ed,Have you heard about this intriguing new film “One hand Clapping?” Sounds pretty cool. You can check it out here … www.LaunchOurFilm.com Peace!Celeste
Lisa Lachapelle
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