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Peter contemplative
I always have felt lonely. As a child (3 of 4) I lacked nurture as my parents were too busy with my siblings and working. It does feel like a shadow of sadness which follows me. It is familiar and not normally a problem. I think I may cherish and delight in joy all the more because of this mellow pl...View More
Christian Wiese
Many are scared to admit and face this "loneliness" ... love your honest post Jackie .... it is in this silence and "emptiness" that we often find GOD <3
Mr. Happy
I spend most of my time alone but I don't really wish it was any different. Humans tire me out rather quickly so, I prefer to be alone for the most part. :)
Stacey Sarakinis
Very beautifully said. Thank you. <3
Passer by
We fabricated
our body
to confirm our
but it resulted
in our isolation
John J. Petrovic
No one is really alone, we are all connected.
Jaana from Finland
I've been alone long times in my life, never lonely.I have huge imagination and my invisible friends :hehe:
Peter contemplative
I love being alone and get stressed if in larger groups - its not directly related to feeling lonely. I think if properly nurtured as a child, or since healed to that state, we can be quite sufficient in our selves whether with others or alone. For us others there is a shadow, something maybe like t...View More
Jaana from Finland
I do not go in crowds.Never.
Large gatherings, never.
And if I am in a place where is many people,I always look for emergy-exits,stairs etc.Been working in hotels for too long and seen too much.
I appreciate all the comments and thoughts. It's fufilling to read others opinions and comments on my personal thoughts. Thanks for your time and I hope you have a good one. I hope to hear from you all on my next post! :)
Passer by
I read solitude ,in `being alone'. Truly ,one can't actually ever be alone . In solitude ,the outer journey which in good part ,is always superficial - stops .
That's when the inner journey begins ..the opportunity for the lotus to come in bloom :grouphug:
Yes, I'm always alone
Sometimes I meet a soul
and we tell our stories
and after some good conversations
\ ...Emails \ ....contact
Also this soul leave also my path ...
and I'm alone again ...
It is what it is .... and I accept it
Those who come my way are very welcome
and those who leave me , I let go ....View More
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