James Goi Jr

Lives in San Diego, California United States 58 years old · Male
James Goi Jr
James Goi Jr. is the internationally-published author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power. His ...View More
James Goi Jr
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James Goi Jr
Quote from How to Attract Money Using Mind Power by James Goi Jr.
Christian Wiese
Money makes us selfish ... in a psychological experiment some people where primed with a money symbol such as dollar signs as a screen saver or Monopoly money lying on a coffee table ... then someone seemingly accidentally dropped pencils ... the primed group were less likely to help ...
to be
than rich
in riches :)
James Goi Jr
I'm letting the cat out of the bag. I will be appearing in this film, THINK: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich. Very excited about it!
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James Goi Jr
Thank you! I appreciate that! :)
marri yanada
How exciting for you [x=995]James Goi Jr[/x] :happy: Let us know when the movie will be showing so I can watch it :winking:
Barb Peterson
Very very NICEEEE James! :-)
awesomeness! :happy:
James Goi Jr
Hey, thank you everyone! :) And to answer Marri:
It's scheduled to come out in March. I've heard talk of at least a limited theater release, some major cities I'd guess. Either way, it will be on DVD... Also, I'm guessing online... Netflix etc...? I'll post about any developments as I become aware of...View More
bubacarr darboe
James Goi Jr
Greetings Bubacarr...
James Goi Jr
Sending prayers and positive thoughts for Jason, his mom and family...
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James many thanks my friend love you! <3
James Goi Jr
Love you too my friend... <3
Brigitte Otto
Thank you for your friendship, James.
James Goi Jr
And thank you too Brigitte!
James Goi Jr
Happy Birthday Big J! Have a great one!
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[x=995]James Goi Jr[/x] really appreciate it buddy! <3
James Goi Jr
Happy Birthday Jason!
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James thanks alot man! :cheer:
James Goi Jr
My pleasure Jason! Keep rockin' the house my friend! <3
James Goi Jr
James Goi Jr
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