Imran Masum

Lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh Born on August 6 · Male
Imran Masum
Self employed
The white cranes are flying in the sky. Hoary fog has removed. But the darkness is increasing by deg...View More
Imran Masum
Imran Masum
I ask myself in a subconscious mind, what do you would like to do. It replies, it only knows your brain and your goal.
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Christian Wiese
The problem with the subconscious mind ... it is subconcious :)
We can observe our actions and reactions though ... and notice when goals and actions conflict ...
what if the subconscious mind is not normally subconscious, that if we are trained/schooled to make that part of ourselves subconscious, and that it being subconscious is a sign that we exist inside a form of mindset darkness, dis-empowerment...
Stacey Sarakinis
The Conscious is that part of us that can never be is the pre-loaded "gnosis" that exists in every human it Spirit, breathe, that which animates us...LIFE, ever moving forward in an motion that is all for, about, and in favor LIFE.
It is sub-conscious because the world in wh...View More
Kat C
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Angie Price
Thank you for your gift of friendship
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Imran Masum
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