Katrice Garland
I have a question for all the writers here: how do you acquire a title for your book(s)? And if you'd like me to be more specific, how do you acquire a title for your poetry book(s)? Thank you for any...View More
How do you acquire words for your poetry? :happy: just rinse and repeat <3. ...Allow it to come to you ....
Stop thinking about a title and it will come to you <3
Vinod Verma
Oh:detective::question: vinod it's for writers but you're reader only sozzzzzzzz:barn:
Alan Paul
I always started with a title first.
Barb Peterson
Welcome n nice to meetcha Katrice!!! XXXXX
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Maria Isabel Merino Jimenez
Good morning beautiful angel and beautiful pic <3<3<3 love <3 love <3 love <3
Katrice Garland
What are you grateful for today?
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Day #1 my favorite smell my perfume Chanel Coco
Mr. Happy
[x=123179]Ryu[/x] Coco Chanel rofl ... My sister wears that :)
Lol[x=86206]Mr. Happy[/x] seriously? What the heck do I give you a sister vibe to?
Barb Peterson
YOU :-)
Spiritual Networks
My cozy bed :zzz:
Sadikshya Gautam
For this wonderful network :)
marri yanada
[x=123179]Ryu[/x] Coco Chanel is one of my favourite perfumes. I also like No. 5. But.....back to the question........I am grateful that my husband has a knack at finding things that I lose :happy: ie a drawer of pliers out of his tool kit :rolleyes:
I thought it said day 1 favorite smell [x=142139]marri yanada[/x] lol <3 :)
Day #2 Favorite technology The internet so I could find [x=1]Spiritual Networks[/x] and all of you <3
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