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Clay Bailar

Lives in Apple Valley, California United States · Born on April 20, 1959
Tonya Payne
Thank you for your gift of friendship!
Lee M. Kaplan
Thank you for the add, Clay! I just answered your friendship we are on our way...............
Chessie Roberts
Happy Birthday Clay!
Peace and love to you. Thank you for the gift of friendship.
Cathryn Galloway
Mary W
Hello Clay and Thank You
Celestial Moonbeam
Thank you for your friendship new friend
Peace, love, and happiness~
Gina Francis
Thanks for your gift of friendship..❤️ߘʢ܌️✌️✌️✌️
Gina Francis
Gina Francis
Thank you pat ❤️ߘʢ܌️✌️✌️✌️
  • October 22, 2014
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regina harris
Thank you for your friendship
Kathie Carpenter
Happy to have you join my path.
Irene Vincent
Hi Clay, Thanks for the friendship. I'm sharing my painting "Healing Springs" with you. I went to your oils sight. I recently found my oils after moving a year ago. I remembered how good they make me ...
Clay Bailar
Hi Kellie, Great to meet you. I look forward to getting to know you. Have an amazing week.
Holly Miller
Jayne James
DB is online.
Happy Birthday Clay!!! Enjoy your day!!!
Paula Grossman
Julia Tippitt
DB is online.
Thank you Clay!!! I can't thank you enough for your heart and kindness to me and my girls!!! Much love to you and Angie!!!
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Diane King
Thank you for the friend request. Namaste.
Jodi Bernstein Polen
Thank you for your friendship. Love & Light, Jodi
Lynda Paquette (LAMPinAK)
Thank you for the hand of friendship! Namaste'
Dorothy M Neddermeyer
Chrisstine Counts
Thank you for the friendship. Namaste~
Joy Pedersen is online.
Thanks for extending your friendship.
Suzanne Schwaar Neilsen
Thank you for your friend request. I was in the hospital for a few days so only now was able to accept. I am glad I was sent a link to this site and hope to get to know and share with lots of others
Ronda Watson
Thank you Clay for the friend request. I look forward to getting to know you. I am new, but loving this site and the information is boundless. Peace, Light & Love
Elisabeth de Santis
Thanks for the friendship! Namaste!
Kaila Warren
Thanks for the friendship! I'm just starting to learn about the healing powers of essential oils and am excited to check out your website. Namaste!
Suzanne Ryan
Thanks for the friend request.. Blessings & Love
Lisa Lachapelle
Sylvia Wasden
That's how I look at my friends. So glad they shine when I need them.
  • February 9, 2014
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Andi Feinberg
Hello my Aries Brother!! Nice to meet you! Andi
Rev. Wanda Richert
Welcome to my Special Circle, Clay Many blessings of Love and Light, to You and Yours ~ Wishing you an Abundant, Empowered, Divinely Inspired 2014... and beyond...
Virginia Collins
Hi Clay, Thank you for the friend request. Namaste~
DB is online.
Thank you for your friendship, much love to you Clay!
Pamela Stirba Pierre
thanks for friend request...pamela
shannon langdon
Hi Clay! thanks for the friendship. so happy to hear of such a great recovery for your health! I am an avid believer in God giving us alternative healings using the Earth and the wonderous life that a...
Thank you for the friend request. Hope you have a spectacular rest of the week and weekend ahead. Brightest Blessings, )O(
Vivian K Gassan
Always good to have another friend. Looking forward to getting to know you.
Love and Light
Sheila Shuster
Thank you, Clay, for requesting a friendship.
Cindy Gore-Darrah
Hi Clay. Thank you for adding me to your friend request. SN has been a blessing for me and I am grateful for all the like minded souls on this site.
Sheri Baldwin
Thank you for adding me as a friend Clay. It has been so wonderful finding all these like minded people here on SN. Please feel free to check my site This site is designed t...
Aynne Pryce
My CD is available on itunes & at ReverbNation. DL IT HERE: #2 on ReverbNation's Classical & Electronic Chart for Los Angeles!!! Take a listen and pick up the CD today!!!
Mariglo Rodriguez
Hello Clay, thank you for the friend requests. Happy New Year to you my new friend, my spirit brother! To all your love ones a great 2014!
Thanks for being friends here Clay. Delighted to read your healing story. Happy, healthy 2014!
Michelle Hazlewood
Happy New Year Clay to You and Yours! Thank you for your friendship Peace and Blessings
Greetings Clay- pleased to meet you and thank you for connecting. Wishing you Good Times, Good Cheer and Happy, Joyous, Healthy, Peaceful, Prosperous, and Fulfilling 2014, as well as All the Best Your...
I wish you an overflow of blessings! Thanks for the friend request!!
Thank you for the friend request. Enjoy your day.
anna zajicek
Greetings Clay Thank you for asking to be your friend. Hope you and yours have a Happy New Year.
Susan M Smith
Hi Clay, Thanks for the friend request. Blessings.
Kathy Hanson
Hi Clay, thank you for your friendship. God Bless You. Happy New Years!
Rosie Morris
Hi Clay...thank you for your friendship...peace and light..Namaste
MaryJane Littlefield
Thank you for your friendship.
Kimberly cook
Thank you for the friendship Clay, Love and Light
Clay Bailar
Essence Ka tha'ras
Greetings Clay and Thank You so very much for the Friendship

Blessings from All Realms of Creation to You....

Your story is very inspirational and I enjoyed it very much. I checked out your website and...
Edith Mary Stanley
Thanks for the friend request!!
Deborah Zarrett
Nice to have a new friend...
Jamila Langevin
Bright blessings, Clay. Glad to link up with you. Thanks for the connection.
aleta byron
Corinne Rodriguez
Thanks for the friendship Clay and Merry Christmas!
Anne Avery
Merry Christmas, Clay. Thanks for the friend invite!
Donna Hardaway
Thank you for the connection Clay!
Jennanne Bryant
Blessing to you Clay - Thanks for the friendship - Merry Christmas!
Jan D Toomer
Clay Bailar
Clay Bailar
Staci Stark
Pleasure to meet you here!
Welcome Vegasclay, Happy to connect....
Shelley gorzka
Hello new friend. Hope you have a joyous holiday and life ahead.
Paula Joyce Hartley
Thank you my new friend. The light in me greets the light in you.
Clay Bailar
Candace Stuart-Findlay
Thank you for your friendship!
Natasha Grosso
Thank you for your friendship, Love and Light to you
The View From Here
Hello & thank you for friendship
Clay Bailar
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